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from Jan. 26th --

Casey's Daily Update

January 26, 2006 12:39 PM

Tomorrow on the Preston & Steve Show:
James Franco Interview: Spiderman, Annapolis
Jade - The New Sports reporter for NBC 10
Lauren Harris - FHM Magazine Hottie
Booby tricks

Here' s a quick rundown of what went on with the show this morning:

Time 6:12
News: 13 yr old charged as adult in murder trial, 52 yr old man raped a 7 yr old and older brother killed him, 30th Street Station naming shot out of the sky, Kathy has never heard of “I have egg on my face”, Sports: Flyers lost, Penn won, Temple won, Sixers play tonight

Time 6:30
Entertainment News: Angelina Jolie is the celebrity that woman want to get with, Rosie O’Donnell, Prince Harry to frontline of Iraq, William Shatner has tenitus like Preston

Time 6:56
Different sayings there are for stuff, Egg on your face, crappola, “I’ll give you 5 bucks if you touch my balls”, Jick Jeele, Jesus Wept, Sayings instead of saying Jesus Christ, You’ve grown a bushel- How my pants are on?, Diddly squat, Spooky-Dooky= Creamed Corn, It’s been when your leaving, Scvitzing=perspiring

Time 7:19
Back to sayings, Dag Nabit, Idiot with teeth, Jeepers pells, Steve’s rant going to suicide runs, Trollop, Pound sand up your ass, lord love a duck

Time 7: 41
B-File: woman forced to take job in brothel, Ski Instructor caught in Avalanche, German Judge sent text messages telling woman he wants to bed her, Woman was not allowed to nurse baby in pool, Man has a heart attack at a cardiology conference, Police raid cock fight in Salt Lake

Time 7:57
Do girls with tongue piercing like to give oral? Girls with tattoos on their backs are easy, Marisa has a tattoo on her butt, Marisa’s boyfriend likes how the tongue stud fells, “Burgundy hair means you’re loose” - Preston, Kathy likes to call Marisa a whore.

Time: 8:23
Lost, the gang are somewhat disappointed with last night’s episode, the baby must be saved, Charlie is having visions: is he using drugs again?, heroine can be used for medical purposes, Hurly is fat Jesus, Steve does a Jesus/Elvis impression

Time 8:50
Hollywood Trash, Philly’s Hottest—Amber won!!!, Painfully Single mixer, Callers for Mixer

Time 9:10
Hollywood 3-Way- Winners: David (SNL DVD), Hector (Phantoms), Eddie (SNL DVD), Doug (Maxim Party), Scott (Phantom tickets), caller 13 gets Maxim party passes

Time 9:31
Music News; Bono's Bronze Kielbasa, Pearl Jam has new record.

Time 9:48
Lesson Learned Q: What did Steve’s Uncle used to ask him?
B-File: Woman leaves 3 young children home while she attended Jerry Springer, German Housewife takes job at Brothel, Ski instructor buried in avalanche while teaching avalanche safety, Male High student is allowed to wear skirt to school

Laura The Butt and Breakfast in Studio to promote Coors Light/Maxim Party, Men show up with 3 girls and go to the front of the line, Party is Tonight

Xzibit Interview

Time 10:21



Jan. 31st --

Casey's Daily Update

January 31, 2006 09:54 PM

Tomorrow on the Show:

- Camilla Belle Interview - Starring in the remake of "When a Stranger Calls"
-Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Here's what happened on today's show:

Bill’s video on
Entertainment News: slayer call and response.
-What did Norman Mailer do? Who the hell is Sienna Miller?
-Jessica Biel voted best long time relationship.
-Woodward doing better
-MJ in Germany, Razzi noms

Time 6:58
Rusty needle found in Progressive soup, “Progressive Soup: Now with sharp needle!”- Steve, Objects founded in food, Casey founded a cheese steak with glass in it and didn’t feel like returning, Nick founded a band-aid in his food, Pubic hair in food

Time 7:24
Preston & Steve Ice Cream flavor, Preston almost went “Steve Morrison”, Sales men kept pestering Preston, Preston said no 4 times, “The answer is NO!”- Preston, Pushy Salesmen

Time 7:48
B-File: Beef frozen since 1984, museum visitor tripped and breaks artifacts, bull jumps into crowd, Judge puts girls in jail after seeing them make fun of him online, guy puts woman phone number online

Time 8:10
MySpace, Steve is getting MySpace friend request from guy’s with no shirt, Intern Joe has a “worship page”, a lot of pedophiles on MySpace?

Time 8:32
E-Mail: Listener had a dream about Chrisagone the philosopher of evil and the skull sealer, Monster Ballads, Rabbi in studio, Preston was in a Tribute band

Time 9:02
Hollywood Trash, Monster Ballads Cont’d, - Steve, “Look at my titties” - Queen Elizabeth II

Time 9:24
Oscar Nominations, Preston has not seen one movie, “Don’t blink too fast you’ll cut me”- Capote, Preston starts laughing hard, Jake Gyllenhaal is nominated for "Best supporting actor” because he’s the bottom

Time 9:40
Music News

Time 9:57
Lesson Learned:
Q: What part did Rosie O ’Donnell play in the band Cinderella?
A: Drum kit

B-File: Whore house named Wheelers, Ice on road, Man blows himself up, robot bar tenders, Beef frozen since ’84, Clumsy museum visitor



WMMR - click here to find out about our next Painfully Single Mixer!



Congrats to Danielle! a P&S Girl who is going to Vegas for the Finals for the Maxim Girl Search!



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AND, for a good laugh.. listen to

The Remix of "Espanol" with the video of K-Fed grooving to his own song. Added 01-31-2006









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