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Intern Joe and President Bush - separated at birth?



Click Here for WMMR promo from the 1/20 show - Willie Sphincter and The Crap Factory 


MC Corky IN THE CASA!</font>



aaand.. if you missed today's show.. here's a blog from Caseyboy..


Casey's Daily Update

January 23, 2006 01:07 PM

Tomorrow on the Preston & Steve Show:
Jeff Conaway - Grease, Celebrity Fit Club 3, REHAB

Here's a rundown of what happened on today's show:

Time 6:29
Celeb B-Days: Robin Zander (of Cheap Trick), Tiffani Amber Thiessen…
Entertainment News: Brad/Angelina baby news –Steve will pay anyone to kill them!
-Tom Cruise suing to prevent showing of South Park episode
-Paris Hilton peed on taxi seat in Hawaiian cab driver
-Jessica Simpson happy with her boobs.
-Colin Farrell suing over sex tape
-Tony Danza is sexiest celeb grandparent.
-West Wing canceled
-Leif Garrett in drug rehab

Time 6:46
11yr old stole parent car and ran away.
First time you drove a car?
-sitting on parents lap or driving in parking lots
-Preston’s southern friend drove all over his land
-is there a 14yr old farmer’s license?
-hillbilly driver
-footage of driving in KY, better then other drivers
Callers: farmer’s license. at 14 arrested for driving.
Sneak out car before 16-get caught
Steve took car- couldn’t get it out of 1st gear!

Time 7:17
-Kathy Getting an allergy test
-can’t take medicine, she’s frightened!!
-getting an epi pen in case she has a major reaction
Callers: describe how doctor scratch up arm (creep her out). -accidentally shot herself w/ epi pen Tape epi pen to steering wheel and shock herself if get a reaction while driving See the scratches tomorrow? No, she’ll be in the morgue

Time 7:40
Bizarre Files
-Burnt down apartment by leaving 200+ candles burning in heart shape -Aussie
-blind woman had heart attack and can now see -English woman
-woman died after she dropped a banana on her leg –sensitive skin -man died riding on train –body left there -wild boar confused and stuck in house

Time 7:57
Bathroom Attendants are annoying Steve ran into 2 attendants this weekend in Manayunk. Dennis had a guy picking lint off of him while at urinal. Don’t tip unless take a mint. Avoid washing hands to skip tip. They block the door.
Caller: attendant at the flea market –straggly woman, really worked there? -homeless woman
-older black man working at farmers market- rates your movements, bathroom was fifthly.
It’s out of control – it’s everywhere!

Time 8:23
Converted e-mails, Gross E-mails spawn from Dirty Jobs 1. guy went to agricultural school –pig shit went through slots in floor, examine horse placenta 2. veterinarian puts arm up cow –has to pull out rotting flesh of cows. Called for difficult births, dead calf fetus’ –rotting, pull out fetus bone by bone

Time 8:44
Dog shelter closing,
-New Marlon Brando book claims he was bi-sexual
-old pic of him blowing a man
-he really seduced 2 first ladies???
-Brando “I’ve tasted your love canoli”

Tom Bergeron on the phone dancing with the stars – claims one was Eleanor Roosevelt.
he’s asked to host everything (if Regis has a cold)
-chance for Dancing with the Anonymous? (so Kathy can get on)

Time 9:11
Fight over Kathy’s MySpace account.
Incidentals – chocolate clone-a-willy, create a chocolate replica of your penis
-Bio-jewelry, rings made out of bone that is grown from DNA
-Huge telescope being built for space, and sending robots
-Italian astronaut

Time 9:33
Music News

Time 9:49
Lesson Learned, Bizarre Files
-nurse dripped urine on patient at elderly home.
-male horney head turbo is changing sex from toxins in sun screen
-Scotland’s live sex show was a flop (supposed to be between rabbits)
-boy made tea to get high- it almost killed him
-guy burnt down apt. by leaving candles burning in apartment

Time 9:57
Wrap up, maxim/philly’s hottest

Q: what does Kathy use as a mouse for her computer?
A: A real, dead mouse

Letter G







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