Miss Ashley (imagine_peace) wrote in gadzooooks,
Miss Ashley


Hey everyone! The community has been pretty dead for a while, but I wanted to introduce myself and post a few cool things regarding the show:

I'm Ash, 21, from close to Reading, PA. I got into the show about 2 and a half years ago after I graduated high school and started my first job. My morning commute was never the same after I discovered Preston & Steve. Now that I work for my dad's business I'm at a computer all day, so I podcast the show and listen to them in the afternoon. I don't know what I'd do without them!

For fun, check out the Preston and Steve Crossword Puzzle. (Alternatively, you can do it online here!) I tried it and didn't know all the answers, but it's very well done and a lot of fun!

Also, a question: I have a Verizon Wireless phone and I've tried to download some of the ringtones from wmmr.com for my phone. However, I'm having trouble; I can only save them as a sound, but can't use them as a ringtone, at least to my knowledge. Does anyone else have a similar phone or problem, and how do I fix it? Thanks for any help; I'd really like to have one of the soundbites as a ringtone!
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