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OK.. so this community has been d e a d for a while, but I'm going to try to get it back alive again? Hopefully this site will be as office as the show (no, it won't even be as close to how office the show is ).. but still!...

Vote for the hottest tattooed girl here.. 



if you haven't heard the Queen LaQueefa song (which.. if you haven't.. I will slap you stab you with a plastic fork)..listen to it here..
Kathy, aka Queen LaQueefa, sings "The BoQueefian Rhapsody". Take that Paris! - Added <05-11-2006>
..which I can't stop listening to.. it is quite addictive.

& if you think THAT'S funny.. watch the video here..
Kathy Romano - Queen LaQueefa sings "LaQueefian Rhapsody", the video! - Added <05-17-2006>



  WMMR promo from the 5/25 show - A marriage proposal at our Lost party! - Added <05-25-2006>
WMMR promo from the 5/24 show - The period sniffer - Added <05-24-2006>
WMMR promo from the 5/23 show - Barbaro is getting frisky. What a mouth on him! - Added <05-23-2006>
WMMR promo from the 5/22 show - Nick invents a game in college - Added <05-22-2006>

Is Donald Duck a racist..? Judge for yourself....
Donald Duck clip from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" - is he being a racist? - Added <05-09-2006>

Kathy&apos;s perfect vagina.

more to update later. lots more. keep listening. keep rocking.


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