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school has been kind of crazy lately.. I'm getting projects upon projects!.. but anywho.. here's some updates..

 ever see something like this in your town??.. not preston & steve style, I bet!


February 17, 2006 11:00 AM

Next week with Preston & Steve
Tom Selleck Interview
Paul Walker - IN STUDIO

Here's a rundown of what went down on the show this morning:

Time: 6:12
Traffic, News, Sports

Time: 6:30
Stupid question:
Q: the eagle, maple leaf, panda, etc. are all what?
A: gold coins.
celeb b-days: Paris Hilton, Billie Joe, Jim Brown,
Entertainment News: Scott Stapp and Kid Rock sex tape –audio. Colin Farrell crashed fire fighter funeral. Tom and Katie (7 months pregnant) flew to Australia –fudge packer boat. Lisa Marie now married. Debbie Roe suing for custody of her and MJ’s kids. The View might fire Star Jones. Michelle Kwan signed w/ Disney.

Time: 6:55
Wandering girl found at Bryn Mawr A+. Where have you ended up wandering off? Image of Steve’s dad screaming looking for him. Preston hopped on a motorcycle and tried to get to “Ricky’s” house. Callers taken- callers kid wanders off in Sears is found taking a crap on a display toilet

Time: 7:22
Scream our Name: Preston wants people to scream “Preston and Steve!” when having sex and let us know their significant other’s reactions, Callers taken- they are all about it!

Time: 7:40
Bizarre File
Firefighters sit back and watch a fire burn down house because owner did not pay his firefighter fee, Middle school gym teacher takes a dollar a day from students who wanted to skip gym class

Time: 7:50
Geraldo Rivera in studio promoting Geraldo at Large, callers taken- controversial t-shirt/don’t snitch shirt - Freedom of Speech?

Time: 8:13
Fat Tuesday at Club Risque- Intern Joe is going to get shot with 1,000 paint balls, 400 lottery tickets bought for jackpot- Bod Squad girls are giving out tickets next to the Chile’s on City Ave in the Bala Cynwood shopping center: “Make me rich, bitch!”, Winners of the tickets must give each member of the Morning Show a million dollars each

Time: 8:35
Hollywood Trash
Check in with Nick giving away the Lottery tickets, $1 million each, What would you do if you won the Lottery, Preston drank every night when they were off, Would you leave your job, Casey would keep his job and donate his salary to Joe, Superstitions about playing lottery, Steve won a History of the Burger from McDonalds, Specific Lottery superstitions

Time 8:56
Casey’s Mariah impression
The Dancing Boner: is it a compliment, Kathy is disgusted, Girls that get freaked out by boners, Bod-Squad Marissa got poked in a mosh pit by dancing boner, Caller likes to give her boyfriend a boner

Time 9:18
Music News: Scott Stapp Sex tape, Seether Giveaway

Time 9:38
Q: What sound does Nick make at the moment of release?
B-file: fake American $1 Million bills, I got Punked, Man drove down Autobahn on the wrong side, 25 mile cycle race completed by Blind man, Russian Pilot, Woman goes into premature Labor during flight

Time 9:52
Fred Willard on Phone
LOTD- “L” WOTW- “Kraal”
Next Week, Club Risque, Day off on the Slopes part Deux.

Kevin from Silvertide


February 16, 2006 11:46 AM

On Friday's show you can expect:
Geraldo Rivera - IN STUDIO
Fred Willard - Date Movie

Here's a rundown of what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12
News: No one won power ball for $310 million, 2 shootings in Ardmore, Robber shot while trying to rob bank, Sports: Sixers beat Spurs, Olympics: US men moguls bronze medal, US Hockey ties Latvia, Snowboard cross makes it debut...

Time 6:32
Stupid Question
Q: What is Hurley’s pet turtle name? A: Stewart
Celebrity Birthdays, Entertainment News: Tom Cruise suing people, Paris Hilton hit with Flower Bomb, Album to be released with movie stars singing pop songs, AI muffling people contractually, Olson Twins are modeling for designer, Summertime (several times throughout break)

Time 6:54
Security Blanket and Toys when you are a kid, Preston found his sons afghan after he got unattached, Casey’s niece, Casey had his thumb, Steve had a rubber snake and dildo named “BUTTY”, Kathy’s brother rubs washing instructions of blanket on face, Kathy’s 28 year old friend still has Care Bear from her childhood, Callers and their security items, kid has a backpack full of mom's underwear, Preston had 2 teddy bears, Preston gave his bears to a friends infant, stuffed monkey as a ring bearer at wedding.

Time 7:21
E-mails: “Not a Finger”, Lost convert, MILF, Casey takes naps, how to successfully take a nap, everyone’s nap schedule on the show, Preston’s servant, lay down and masturbate, that’s not working anymore, Callers about taking naps, Footy Pajamas, Trap Door.

Time 7:45
B-File: Doctor puts screw in neck, grandmom pees on grave, high school delivers flowers to all female student, man doesn’t want to be label a sex offender because he had sex with a sheep

Time 8:01
Vai Sikahema on the phone, Steve says Vai would be a good Abercrombie and Fitch model, Vai and Skater Johnny Weir’s shopping spree, Johnny’s mom wanted a football player but she got him, Casey likes figure skating, Nick likes hockey, European skater are football player, Johnny says hi: Two snaps!!!!

Time 8:17
Lost: the clock hit zero and symbols appeared, Sayid’s interrogation, Wizard of Oz references?, will Sayid side with Sawyer?, Kathy doesn’t like Jack, Locke said Jack is trying to start an army, Hurley got mad over the frog being smashed, Kathy is still waiting for Desmond to come back

Time 8:47
Hollywood Trash
Listener E-mails: Poo Tokens & Podcast feedback

Time 9:06
Rob Van Beek & Luke Wiles in studio Whack-A-Sac, Rob had his dater last night, Had dinner and then went to the game, his date was a drinker, Wing’s Whack-A-Sack: the winner gets to watch the game in the owner’s box, Argie picks Luke, Brianne picks Rob, Keep your finger on the dump button, Rob wins, Rob Van Beek remains the King of Wack-A-Sack, Preston tries his hand at hitting Joe, he misses two times and then quits, Casey misses the first and then gets Joe on the second

Time 9:33
Nickelback, Photograph “Was that Steve hanging himself?”

Time 9:51
Q: What was the name of Steve’s security dildo?
A: B-U-T-T-Y
Bizarre Files
-Convicts slit their wrists when told they couldn’t watch TV show -man fell off Disneyland moving walkway between ride. -happy meal smeared w/ blood. –man stabbed after egging a house -horse carcass left on side of ride. –screw driver implanted in neck (Hawaiian) -grandmother peed on family grave.

Track 6 Time 10:10
Wrap up, Philly’s Hottest, Club Risqué

Letter- A

AND... can't forget VAG 2006::

Pierre Robert decided to wake up early & be there for VAG 2006!
..time for liftoff!

there she goes..

vag got pretty far!

recent promo's from P&S show..
WMMR promo from the 2/22 show - Miniature Golf is awesome! - Added <02-22-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/21 show - Listeners say our name during sex! - Added <02-21-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/17 show - A young Preston needs a lift - Added <02-17-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/16 show - Preston and his naps - Added <02-16-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/15 show - Dr. Phil helps Paula Abdul - Added <02-15-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/14 show - Jessica's dog is not a pet; he's a person. - Added <02-14-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/13 show - Dan Rather could replace Elizabeth Vargas - Added <02-13-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/10 show - Vai Sikahema checks in from The Olympics! - Added <02-10-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/9 show - Vag Project 2006! - Added <02-09-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/8 show - Girlie Want Wingie! - Added <02-08-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/7 show - Sleeping troubles - Added <02-07-2006>
WMMR promo from the 2/6 show - U2's Edge has a new charity! - Added <02-06-2006>

..just click the blue to listen to each promo!..

OK, well I have to update on podcasts.. so I'll give an update sooner or later!


p.s... you know you people can update too!.. with anything.. opinions, pictures, thoughts, or just to say that they flat out ROCK!
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